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reblochon de savoie au lait cru

Reblochon de Savoie AOC 240g

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Reblochon is a traditional winter washed-rind soft cheese from France, great for using in Alpine cooking. It holds protected status - it must be made in the mountains of the Haut Savoie region using unpasteurised milk. It is creamy, mild, a little nutty and is white in colour with a slightly darker rind. 

Abondance, Tarentaise and Monbeliarde cows are used to make Reblochon due to the rich milk they produce. Re-blocher means to pinch the udders of the cow a second time. The second milking of the cows produces a small amount of incredibly rich creamy milk used to make this cheese.

The best time to eat this cheese is between May and September after raging for 6 to 8 weeks, though it still tastes fantastic between March and December. There is a small spruce wood plank under the cheese in the wrapper which allows natural regulation of humidity.

Recipe Idea:

The cheese used in Tartiflette recipes - here's a recipe we've found that sounds delicious from BBC Food - you would need two of these small Reblochon for this recipe.

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Cracker Recommendation:

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Wine Recommendation:


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