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Mrs Kirkham's Lancashire

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Ruth Kirkham (Mrs Kirkham) passed on her recipe to son Graham who is the current cheesemaker at the family farm near Goosnargh, Lancashire.  Using milk from their own herd of Holstein Friesian cows, the cheese is made to the 2 day curd recipe, using the curds from the evening milking and the following morning's milking.

The cheese is still handmade using very traditional methods and equipment. It's then ‘buttered up’ and cloth bound, then aged for at least 3 months.   This slow maturing process lends itself to a pale yellow, crumbly cheese which is both rich and buttery, with a slight fresh yoghurt tanginess.

A fantastic cheese to cook with but equally delicious on its own on a cracker!

A Tasty Lancashire.

Made in Goosnargh, Lancashire

Cow's Milk, UnPasteurised, Traditional Rennet