kingstone dairy rollright reblochon style cheese from the cotswalds
little rollright
washed rind cheese from gloucestershire king stone dairy

Rollright Organic

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 rollright cheese vacherin style

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250g Little Rollright - this individually wrapped cheese will come with a longer use by date, purchase this if you will be consuming your cheese after more than 7 days.

Also available in cut pieces from a larger 1kg wheel. 

Produced by relatively new cheesemaker David Jowett at Kingstone Dairy, this was the first cheese he started producing when he set up King Stone Dairy in 2015. Following years of training in the UK and the US including time at Neal's Yard Dairy and Stichelton. 

The creamery takes milk from a single herd at local farm Manor Farm which is less than a mile down the road, delivered fresh every morning. The farm has a mixed herd of traditional British Friesian and Shorthorn cows producing high quality organic milk. They are grass-fed on pastures with lots of clover and leys which gives the milk a beautiful rich flavour, perfect to make cheese with. 

This is a Vacherin / Reblochon hybrid super soft washed-rind cheese wrapped in spruce bark. We take their small individually wrapped Rollrights. The cheese is washed in brine regularly over three weeks, which gives it a delicate pinky-orange coloured rind. The paste is a light yellow colour, buttery, smooth, glossy and soft. It is aged for 4 to 8 weeks. 

Flavours are milky and milder than French Vacherin which is where the Reblochon influence come from with little hints of cured ham and mustard seeds. There are notes of pine imparted by the spruce bark which also holds the cheese together as it is incredibly runny. We find it is at its ripest and runniest during the winter months so is a great cheese on any Christmas table. 

Rollright has won many awards for a relative newcomer, including in 2018 Gold at the British Cheese Awards and Silver in the World Cheese Awards. 


Recipe Ideas:

This cheese is just fine on its own but can also be used as a milder alternative when you want to bake a Vacherin in the oven. Take a look at our recipe here - just substitute with Rollright and you would need to use a Camembert Baker.

Drink Recommendation:

cotes du rhone

Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co wheat rounds for soft cheese

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