Italian Cheese & Wine "To and Fro" Tasting with Wayward Wines April 2020

wayward to and fro wine and cheese tasting

Wednesday 22nd April 2020 - from 18:00 until 22:00

The George & Joseph / Wayward Wines Cheese & Wine "To & Fro" Tasting is back! 

We're teaming up once again with Wayward Wines to bring you another great evening of cheese and wine - we are aiming to hold three over the coming year. 

The theme for this one is Italy - one of the best countries in the world at producing both wine and cheese so we think this one's going to be an absolute stonker of a night. We stock some pretty incredible Italian cheeses - our 36 month aged Parmesan, rich oily unctuous to-die-for Truffle Pecorino and everyone knows about our ridiculously ripe Gorgonzola we have to scoop into pots before it runs away! (not that we're promising any of these on the night - that’s a surprise, this just gives you a taste of what may come)

Imagine any of these paired with the kind of wine that Wayward brings to the table - think classic wine pairings then think next level wine pairings - Wayward like to bend the rules a little and boy do their pairings work, really well! Wayward specialise in low intervention, authentic natural wines from only small independent producers so you are sure to sample some great tasting tipples on the night. 

We've picked six cheeses, which Wayward have matched with six complimenting wines. The event will be split across both of our venues (which are just around the corner from one another).  Start the evening at George & Joseph for your first pairing, then pop round the corner to Wayward for the second, and so on! 

There is no set time so you can start the "To & Fro" whenever you like after 6pm. 

PLEASE NOTE - we do not issue printed tickets for our events, please bring your order confirmation email with you as proof of purchase on the night.