holbrook goat's cheese from cumbria
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This is a true lockdown cheese, made by the makers of St James as a way to diversify out of producing solely ewe's milk cheeses during a downturn in trade caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. We're always pretty excited to try a new cheese from these producers as they never fail to please - Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson on the Holker Estate in Cumbria.

They decided to buy a herd of 180 goats during lockdown when the Innes family, cheesemakers from Staffordshire decided to retire. The goats graze on the same pastures they have carefully cultivated for their sheep. This cheese is made to a Lancashire cheese recipe and is aged for 6 months. It is named after Mary Holbrook, famous British goat's cheesemaker who passed away in 2019 and with whom Martin and Nicola started their cheesemaking careers. 

The cheese changes texture with each batch that comes through, it is currently quite chalky and crumbly. The centre of the cheese is fresh and citrusy while the rind is more earthy. Sharp, mouthwatering and moreish - a solid delightful cheese and we're happy they decided to make it. Cheesemonger Alice has declared it her favourite "goat" on our counter!

Martin started his cheesemaking career with apprenticeships at the age of 16. He and Nicola then started their own business in 2006 with St James being their most famous cheese.  A washed rind cheese is one where during the aging/maturing process the rind is washed with a brine to develop an orange-coloured bacteria, producing incredibly rich, savoury flavours. They use non-intensive farming methods with the sheep only being milked once a day – this makes for a happier sheep who then produces better quality, richer milk.

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