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hebden soft goat from yorkshire
hebden goat's cheese

Hebden Goat

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hebden goat cheese 

unpasteurised raw milk

Produced by Gillian Clough and her ten strong herd of Anglo Nubian goats on her farm in the hills above Hebden Bridge. Gillian started breeding goats as a hobby and only started making cheese from the large quantities of milk produced in 2015. She started making a cheese called Gat, then she worked closely with The Courtyard Dairy to develop a brand new lactic cheese called Hebden Goat.

The herd is fed on the pasture along with forage made on the farm. Gillian only farms and makes cheese seasonally from Spring to Autumn when the goat's milk is at its maximum. 

Gillian now manages the cheesemaking and the herd of goats alongside being a lecturer at Bradford University. 

Most similar in style and size to a French Crottin - a lactic soft goat's cheese which is absolutely delicious paired with the classic chilled Sancerre. This cheese is stronger, and a lot earthier than the French version but with the same beautiful wrinkly rind and smooth centre. It is aged for only three weeks. 


Recipe Ideas:

This is a great cheese for salads, on toasts and in any recipe which asks for a soft goat's cheese. 


Wine Recommendation:

mahi new zealand marlborough sauvignon blanc


Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co rosemary and EVOO crackers