flower marie ewe's milk cheese
flower marie soft cheese from east sussex

Flower Marie

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Flower Marie is produced by goat farmers Alison and Kevin Blunt on their family farm Greenacres helped by their son Matthew. They specialise in producing only soft mould ripened goat and ewe's milk cheeses. All their cheeses are fully handmade from ladling the curd through to wrapping the cheeses to sell. 

Flower Marie is their only ewe's milk cheese - they bring the milk in three times a week from a farm near Stratford-upon-Avon. The recipe for Flower Marie was actually developed in the early nineties by British cheesemaking legend James Aldridge. James developed recipes for what have now become some of the UK's most famous raw milk cheeses, Flower Marie being one of them. He then passed them onto various cheesemakers to continue to nurture and develop them.

James Aldridge inspired Martin Gott so much who do you think Martin's cheese St James is named after? 

Flower Marie was a Gold Winner at the 2017 Artisan Cheese Awards.Available as a whole cheese (min 200g) or a half cheese. 

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