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Festive Cheese Selection

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A selection of cheeses chosen by our team of Cheesemongers as a great cheeseboard for your table this Christmas.

You will receive approximately 1kg of cheese which will feed up to 10 people.

The cheeses are:

Colston Bassett Stilton - P, Veg, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - THE classic Christmas blue. It doesn't get much better than this. 

Gorwydd Organic Caerphilly - UnP, Trad, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - delicious award-winning crumbly territorial cheese. 

Baron Bigod Brie - UnP, Trad, Cow - this Suffolk brie stands up against any Brie de Meaux. 

Mrs Kirkhams Lancashire - UnP, Trad, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - a mature Lancashire that is still handmade using traditional methods. 

Pitchfork Organic Cheddar - UnP, Trad, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - you do not get much better than this West Country cheddar, currently winner of 4th best cheese in the world. 

We are unable to substitute any products in this product. Head to our cheese page if you want to create your own selection.