delice de bourgogne 200g
delice and white wine

Delice de Bourgogne 200g **PRE-ORDER ONLY**

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**PRE-ORDER ONLY** We only stock this item during Christmas week, only available for delivery / collection from the 19th December. Any orders placed for delivery before this date we will contact you to arrange a suitable substitution.

Well, what can we say about this cheese, other than you all LOVE it! This is an insanely soft, squidgy, mouthwateringly creamy French soft from Burgundy. Creme Fraiche is twice added to the whole milk during the production process meaning it's not one for those counting calories. This is a decadent, smooth, dazzlingly white cheese - velvety, melt- in-the-mouth. It has a bloomy rind and mushroom aromas making it not too far characteristically from a good Brie. 

The cheese was first created by Jean Lincet in 1975 and it is Fromagerie Lincet who still make it today. We usually buy in the 2kg cutting size cheese but for Christmas we are stocking these delightful 200g whole cheeses, perfect for the centre of any Christmas Day cheeseboard. 

This is great slathered over crackers or we also recommend it as an altnernative to using cream cheese with bagels and smoked salmon. 

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