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Darling Blue

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darling blue from doddington dairy

cheese made using traditional animal rennet

** ALLERGEN** the blue mould used in Darling Blue is grown on wheat before being freeze-dried and added into the cheese.

Produced by the Maxwell Family at Doddington Dairy in Northumberland near the Scottish Border. Their herd of 400 Ayrshire, Friesian and Normandy cows produce milk which is then used to make cheese and also ice cream.  Maggie runs the cheesemaking business and her brother Neil and his wife Jackie run the ice cream business. 

Darling Blue is one of the newer cheeses produced by Doddington, aged for 3 months, it has a dark grey mottle rind with a smooth creamy quite firm paste inside. It has beautiful long downward streaks of blue throughout the cheese. A more mellow but rich blue, quite biscuity in flavour, buttery texture with a lovely saltiness. 

The cheese is named after world famous Grace Darling, from the Farne Islands, the lighthouse-keeper's daughter who famously rowed out in a ferocious storm to save the lives of ship-wrecked sailors. 

Serving Ideas: 

The Doddington website recommends as follows: the Darling Blue's salty notes complement a sweet digestive biscuit and the tartness of a fresh green apple. It also complements a rich ruby red port and port soused cranberries and is a must on all Christmas cheese boards.

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