a cheesemongers history of the british isles

A Cheesemonger's History of the British Isles by Ned Palmer

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A beautiful hardback book on the history of British cheese. Travel through time with expert cheesemonger Ned Palmer who takes us on a delicious journey across Britain and Ireland. Along the way we learn the craft and culture of cheesemaking from an eccentric and engaging cast of characters who have revived and reinvented farmhouse and artisan traditions. 

Ned first experienced great cheese at Borough Market, helping to sell Trethowan's Gorwydd Caerphilly (still one of his all-time favourite cheeses). He then learnt his craft at Neals's Yard Dairy, who dispatched him to farms and dairies across Britain and Ireland. It was during one such visit, to Mary Holbrook's farm in Somerset, that he came up with the idea for a Cheesemonger's History, realising that her fresh Sleightlett cheese was just what a Neolithic farmer would make. There followed many more trips - from Hawes Yorkshire Wensleydale to Milleens at the tip of County  Cork - as well as long hours in the British Library, immersed in Celtic cheese folklore, monastic account books and unearthing tales of cheese piracy, cheese magic and Queen Victoria's giant birthday Cheddar.  

"A beautifully textured tour around the cheeseboard" Simon Garfield