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Monthly Cheese Box Subscription - Cheesemongers Selection

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Each month Stephen and Nick, our Head Cheesemongers, choose three cheeses for our monthly Cheese Box subscriptions we send out. You can purchase the selection as a one-off purchase or choose a longer subscription in the drop down below. The longer the subscription you order the cheaper it is per month starting at £25 per month and going down to £22 per month with our longer subscriptions.

Our Cheese Box subscription is the gift that just keeps giving - specify the date below for when you would like it to start then on that date each month we shall send out until your subscription ends. 

If it is a gift please specify in the notes section the recipient and a message and we will send you through a gift voucher which you can then email to the recipient or print off.

Or if you just love cheese and like trying new things order one for yourself - we'll send you three cheeses each month complete with tasting notes (for as long as you sign up for) and you get to try something different.

Peter's Yard Sourdough Crispbreads included in the box along with approximately 600g of cheese.

January Cheese Box

If you order the subscription to be delivered in February it will be three different cheeses to the three listed below, these will only go out in January's deliveries. 


Dale End - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet 

A traditional clothbound 18-month-old mature cheddar that carries a well-established and distinctive hard, sweet & tangy bite that lingers with its long lasting flavour.  Produced in Botton Village in the North York Moors using unpasteurised organic milk from the 48 shorthorn cattle based on the estate.

Botton is part of the Camphill Village Trust, a social enterprise for people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs where they live with families and live self-sustainably and biodynamically. The milk from the Dairy Shorthorn cows from whom they collect also contribute to form a range of other cheeses such as a Gruyere style cheese called Summerfield Alpine which is also available at George & Joseph.

Taleggio - Pasteurised, Cow's Milk, Traditional Rennet 

Made in square blocks Tallegio has a coarse rind that is edible and stands in great contrast to the creamy interior. Together, they create a seamless blend of opposing sensations in terms of both flavour and consistency. The outcome is smooth, and slightly acidic.

Taleggio has a pungent aroma that becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages. It is protected by an EU PDO which means that it can only be produced in specified regions of Lombardy and Piedmont.

Sparkenhoe Blue - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Traditional Rennet .

The Sparkenhoe name is renowned for producing some of the world’s best Red Leicester cheeses. Having revived Red Leicester in 2005 Jo and David Clarke moved their attention to blue cheese in 2017 as production of their Red Leicester was only amounting to 30% of their cow milk with the rest of the milk being sold at exceptionally low prices as liquid milk and so they explored ideas of how else to best use their milk. Due to the farms location in the Stilton region they had originally thought about making Stilton, however after making trial batches with raw unpasteurised milk (Since 1990 Stilton has been required to be made with pasteurised milk) and being so impressed with the quality of flavours of the cheese the decision was taken to continue down the road and develop Sparkenhoe Blue rather than Stilton.

The cheese has a much paler look than other cheeses of this style, with a crisp white paste throughout but with fine blue veining present throughout that results in a chewy texture. The taste is extremely savoury, fudgey and meaty with a balanced finish.