Monthly Cheese Box Subscription - Cheesemongers Selection

george and joseph cheesemongers monthly cheese box subscription

Each month Stephen, our Head Cheesemonger, chooses three cheeses as his selection for the month for our monthly Cheese Box subscription service. You can purchase the selection as a one-off purchase or choose a longer subscription in the drop down below. The longer the subscription you order the cheaper it is per month starting at £30 per month and going down to £27 per month with our longer subscriptions.

Our Cheese Box subscription is the gift that just keeps giving - specify the date below for when you would like it to start then on that date each month we shall send out until your subscription ends. 

If it is a gift please specify in the notes section the recipient and a message and we will send you through a gift voucher which you can then email to the recipient or print off.

Or if you just love cheese and like trying new things order one for yourself - we'll send you three cheeses each month complete with tasting notes (for as long as you sign up for) and you get to try something different.

Peter's Yard Sourdough Crispbread Original included in the box. Free UK Delivery on all Cheese Boxes.