Monthly Cheese Box Subscription - Cheesemongers Selection

george and joseph cheesemongers monthly cheese box subscription

Each month Stephen, our Head Cheesemonger, chooses three cheeses as his selection for the month for our monthly Cheese Box subscription service. You can purchase the selection as a one-off purchase or choose a longer subscription in the drop down below. The longer the subscription you order the cheaper it is per month starting at £30 per month and going down to £27 per month with our longer subscriptions.

Our Cheese Box subscription is the gift that just keeps giving - specify the date below for when you would like it to start then on that date each month we shall send out until your subscription ends. 

If it is a gift please specify in the notes section the recipient and a message and we will send you through a gift voucher which you can then email to the recipient or print off.

Or if you just love cheese and like trying new things order one for yourself - we'll send you three cheeses each month complete with tasting notes (for as long as you sign up for) and you get to try something different.


December's Cheese Box

Our Cheese Box this month has a distinctive festive feel about it - here are Stephen's favourite cheeses for this time of year.

  1. Vacherin Mont d'Or - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Animal Rennet- 200g

This cheese epitomises Christmas – at this time of year it is at it’s absolute peak condition for eating! Vacherin is produced only from mid-summer to late autumn using the milk from Montbeliarde cows. Any cheeses made outside of this six-month period cannot be called Mont d'Or. Within these months the cows are grazed in the lower valleys producing particularly rich and fragrant milk which is perfect for making Vacherin. The rest of the year when the cow's are high-mountain grazing in the Alps their milk is used to produce Comté.

  1. Young Buck - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Animal Rennet- 200g

An unpasteurised blue produced by new up and coming cheesemaker Mike Thomson. Irishman Mike studied cheesemaking at the Artisan School of Food in Nottinghamshire, before training with Stichelton and Montgomerys before heading to Sparkenhoe. He then returned to Northern Ireland where he set up Mike’s Fancy Cheese. A true small farmhouse producer, he produces just 27 wheels of cheese a week using traditional techniques and hand ladling. We like the richness and creaminess of this blue along with its strength of blue. It is a well-rounded cheese that is surprisingly easy eating for a strong blue.  All Christmas cheeseboards need a blue and we think this is one of the best out there – it can hold it’s own against any Stilton.


  1. St Andrews Cheddar - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Animal Rennet - 200g

This is our furthest north Cheddar and probably one of our furthest north cheeses full stop. We like to think you can taste a bit of the Scottish earth and salty air of Fife in it! Cheesemaker Jane Stewart uses milk from her husband’s Holstein-Friesian herd to create a sharp, strong, tangy cheddar, aged for 14 months – producing a cheese to rival any West Country cheddar. If you like your cheese strong this is one for you – one of Stephen’s favourites and one he picks out every year just at Christmas.

Peter's Yard Sourdough Crispbread Original included in the box. Free UK Delivery on all Cheese Boxes.