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Lincet Chaource AOP Triple Cream

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lancet chaource

cheese made with traditional animal rennet

250g, wooden box.

The new Delice de Bourgogne but even better!

This is an incredibly creamy, soft French cheese with AOP status - meaning it must be made in a particular area and made to the traditional method.  

An incredibly white, bloomy rinded cheese made in a similar way to Brie - a fresh cheese eaten young, which is matured for only 2 to 4 weeks. Very runny just under the rind and the paste firms up as you go towards the centre of the cheese.

A mellow cheese, light nutty flavours, gently salted with a melting texture, the fat content is a minimum of 50%. Becomes saltier as it matures. One for the triple cream cheese fans! 

This is great slathered over crackers or we also recommend it as an alternative to using cream cheese with bagels and smoked salmon. 

Drink Recommendation: 

Champagne all the way!

Cracker Recommendation:


fine cheese co wheat rounds to eat with cheese
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