Burn's Night Cheese Selection

burns night cheeseboard with corra linn

We have chosen four of the best Scottish farmhouse cheeses currently being produced to create a decadent Burn's  Night Supper cheeseboard for you.

You will receive c800g of cheese and two packs of Stockan's Orkney Oatcakes which will feed 8 - 12 people. You can choose to collect from our shop at no cost or for courier delivery anywhere in the UK.

We do not do weekend deliveries to to receive your cheeses in advance of Saturday 25th January you would need to order by the end of Wednesday 22nd to guarantee delivery on Friday. We can send out deliveries after this date however they would arrive after Burn's Night. 

Corra Linn - UnPasteurised, Sheep's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet - 200g

We believe this is the finest example of a Manchego to come out of the UK. Produced by Selina and Andrew Errington using milk from their own herd of Lacaune sheep. A hard raw sheep's milk cheese that has notes of sweet hazelnut with the earthy flavours you get from Scottish cheeses. It is delicious and one of our all time favourite sheep's milk cheeses.

St Andrews Cheddar - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Animal Rennet - 200g

We like to think you can taste a bit of the Scottish earth and salty air of Fife in this cheese! Cheesemaker Jane Stewart uses milk from her husband Robert's Holstein-Friesian herd to create a sharp, strong, tangy cheddar, aged for 14 months – producing a cheese to rival any West Country cheddar. If you like your cheddar strong and eye watering this is one for you. 

Biggar Blue - UnPasteurised, Goat's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet - 200g

A brand new cheese, fresh from Lanarkshire courtesy of another cheesemaker called Selina! Biggar is a creamy goat's milk - the only Scottish blue goat. It has a salty kick, beautiful blue veining and a strong flavour. Closed in style to Spanish Picos.

Anster - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Animal Rennet - 200g

Another cheese from the Stewart family - a traditional Scottish farmhouse cheese, most similar to a Cheshire. This is now the only one of it's kind produced in Scotland. It is milky, crumbly and fresh tasting with acidity towards the end, it is aged for only 8 weeks. In Scotland old cheeses were traditionally named after the nearest town - hence Anster which is the old name for Anstruther.

Stockans Orkney Oatcakes x 2 - 100g

A classic Scottish wholegrain oatcake from Orkney.