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British Cheesemakers Box III

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As we continue supporting the Neal's Yard Dairy and Jamie Oliver's Save British Cheesemakers Campaign, we are proud to showcase another three small British farmhouse cheese producers.

Britain’s cheesemaking traditions are at risk and need our support.

Farmers and producers face the prospect of throwing away large amounts of milk and cheese because of the huge drop in demand for their products. Soft and blue cheesemakers in particular are vulnerable because their cheeses can’t be matured and stored for long periods of time. Over the last 40 years the production of British farmhouse cheese has undergone a massive revival. If it is to survive, then it’s really important to support the makers of these often unique cheeses.

In your box/bag you will receive 3 pieces of cheese of approx. 200g each and a box of Peter's Yard Sourdough crispbreads. 

Summer Field Alpine - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

A hard, nutty, sweet mature Alpine-style cheese most similar to a Gruyere.  Produced in Botton Village in the North York Moors, it is only made when the cows are out to pasture in the summer months hence the name.  Botton is part of Camphill Village Trust, a social enterprise for people with learning disabilities, mental health problems and other special needs where they live with families and live self-sustainably and biodynamically. They have a herd of Dairy Shorthorn cows from whom they collect the milk and make a range of cheeses under the management of local Alastair who learnt his craft in Germany.

Dorstone - Pasteurised, Goat's Milk, Traditional Rennet

A soft goats cheese produced by Neal’s Yard Creamery in Dorstone, Herefordshire.  Zesty, bright and fresh with a little citrus sparkle. Light and fluffy – moussey in texture. Based on a classic French goat’s cheese recipe, it is aged for only three weeks to keep it fresh and light and is lightly ashed to produce a dark grey rind.  Delicately goaty.

Old Roan - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Traditional Rennet

Home Farm is a relative newcomer to cheesemaking. Currently third generation farmers, Ben and Adam Spence took the decision in 2016 to diversify into cheesemaking following huge volatility in the price of milk. They run the farm and cheesemaking facility, with their parents David and Susan, located in Aysgarth, Wensleydale right in the middle of the Yorkshire Dales.

This is a raw milk clothbound farmhouse Wensleydale produced in small batches to a slow traditional recipe. This results in a cheese that is smooth and creamy in texture, they use unpasteurised milk to give it even greater flavour.

Britain's Small Cheesemakers Need Our Help!