british cheesemakers box 7

British Cheesemakers Box 7

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As we continue supporting the Neal's Yard Dairy and Jamie Oliver's Save British Cheesemakers Campaign, we are proud to showcase another three small British farmhouse cheese producers.

Britain’s cheesemaking traditions are at risk and need our support.

Farmers and producers face the prospect of throwing away large amounts of milk and cheese because of the huge drop in demand for their products. Soft and blue cheesemakers in particular are vulnerable because their cheeses can’t be matured and stored for long periods of time. Over the last 40 years the production of British farmhouse cheese has undergone a massive revival. If it is to survive, then it’s really important to support the makers of these often unique cheeses.

In your box/bag you will receive 3 pieces of cheese of approximately 600g in total and a box of Peter's Yard Sourdough crispbreads. 

The cheeses are:

Lincolnshire Poacher - UnPasteurised, Traditional Rennet, Cow's Milk

Produced on a farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds by brothers Simon and Tim Jones - ten miles from the coast, in an area where there is very little dairy farming never and where cheese production is virtually unknown.  The drier climate and well-drained chalky soil allows them a particularly long grazing season.  

The cheese is produced to a recipe which is a cross between a traditional West Country Cheddar and an Alpine cheese such as Comte - something which you really appreciate from the dense creamy texture of the cheese. 

A firm favourite amongst all our Cheesemongers - words they use to describe it are delicious, fruity, sweet and juicy. Well-rounded, full-flavoured, rich and smooth. When we open it the smell that immediately hits is incredible. 


Leeds Blue - Pasteurised, Ewe's Milk, Traditional Rennet

Mario Olianas, an Italian man (chef by trade) settled in Yorkshire from Sardinia, produces a range of Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheeses from the production facility at his home in Adel. His are without a doubt the most local cheeses we stock. We also take his fresh Pecorino, Ricotta and will be stocking his brand new Halloumi-style very soon.

A very creamy soft cheese which is fresh like their Pecorino, most similar in texture to a Gorgonzola. A gentle mild blue aged for 30 days with savoury notes, a little bitter with some sweetness that lingers in your mouth. The ewe's milk (sourced from a farm daily just outside Harrogate) gives this cheese a lovely rounded richness. 


Stinking Bishop - Pasteurised, Cow's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

Without any shadow of a doubt this is the smelliest cheese we stock. Opening one of these bad boys requires a face mask - quite handy we've got plenty really! This is a washed-rind soft unctuous cheese, where the rind is washed in Perry during the maturing process. Fruity, creamy and tangy with a very pungent distinctive smell though not overly strong in flavour but with a beautiful pinky orange colour.  

It is produced by Charles Martell & Son right bang in the middle of the Gloucestershire perry pear growing area. The pear used to make the perry, which in turn is used to wash the rind is called the Stinking Bishop pear, hence the name of the cheese. The pear originally got its name from a 19th Century farmer called Frederick Bishop who was given the nickname 'Stinking Bishop' because of his riotous behaviour.  We love a bit of British cheese history. 

Britain's Small Cheesemakers Need Our Help!