yorkshire pecorino

Yorkshire Pecorino

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Mario Olianas, an Italian man (chef by trade) settled in Yorkshire from Sardinia, produces a range of Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheeses from the production facility at his home in Adel. His are without a doubt the most local cheeses we stock. We also take his Leeds Blue, Aged Pecorino, Ricotta and will be stocking his brand new Halloumi-style very soon.

Mario started producing cheese as a result of sibling rivalry with his brother who still lives in Italy, to see who could make the best cheese.  Made to a traditional family recipe using locally sourced ewe's milk which is delivered daily from a herd outside Harrogate. 

This is a Pecorino Fresco - fresh, young, soft, lemony yoghurt notes, aged for only 30 days. This is probably quite different to the Pecorinos you may recognise as being hard, grating cheeses. 

Mario has won many awards for this cheese, including Best Soft Cheese in the 2016 Great British Cheese Awards, and more recently a Gold Medal at the Great Yorkshire Show.


Made in Adel, Leeds

Ewe's Milk, Pasteurised, Traditional Rennet

Suitable for Pregnancy