yorkshire fiore aged pecorino

Yorkshire Fiore

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Mario Olianas, an Italian man (chef by trade) settled in Yorkshire from Sardinia, produces a range of Italian-inspired ewe’s milk cheeses from the production facility at his home in Adel. His are without a doubt the most local cheeses we stock. We also take his fresh Pecorino, Ricotta and will be stocking his brand new Halloumi-style very soon.

The 6-month aged version of Mario's young Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco - this version is more mature, stronger in flavour and harder than his fresh soft Pecorino. Milky, nutty and piquant. The outside of the cheese is rubbed with olive oil after maturing.

Made in Adel, Leeds

Ewe's Milk, Pasteurised, Traditional Rennet

Suitable for Pregnancy