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Yorkshire Cheese Selection

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A selection of cheeses chosen by our team of Cheesemongers showcasing some of the best produced in our fine County. All of the cheeses are also made with vegetarian rennet except for the Yorkshire Pecorino and it's also our most pregnancy friendly cheeseboard. 

We may need to substitute cheeses but any replacements will always be with a cheese produced in Yorkshire. 

You will receive approximately 1kg of cheese which will feed up to 10 people.

The cheeses are:

Summer Field Alpine - UnP, Veg, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - nutty mountain cheese from North Yorks, most similar to a Gruyere **SEASONAL CHEESE - THIS MAY NEED TO BE REPLACED**

Harrogate Blue - P, Veg, Cow - one of our most popular easy eating medium strength blue, a lovely orange colour. 

Dale End Cheddar - UnP, Veg, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - mature, tangy cheddar made by the same makers as Summer Field.

Richard III Wensleydale - P, Veg, Cow, Pregnancy Friendly - a traditional clothbound crumbly Wensleydale. 

Yorkshire Pecorino - P, Trad, Ewe - soft pecorino from Adel, young, fresh and mellow with a richness from the ewe's milk. 

We are unable to substitute any cheeses in this product at the customer's request. Head to our cheese page if you want to create your own selection. 


**PRODUCT SHELF LIFE - with the majority of our cheeses we cut and wrap them fresh to send out, hard cheeses last 7 to 10 days, softs last 5 to 7 days from date of dispatch. Please bear this in mind when choosing your date of delivery, you can choose up to 3 months in advance. We advise you arrange delivery for as close to your planned date of consumption as possible**

We do stock a small number of individually pre-wrapped cheeses which come in with longer best before dates and make a great option to go into hampers that will not be gifted for a while - please email for advise on which cheeses work best in this instance.