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mayfield cheese facts

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This is a fantastic British version of an Emmental Alpine cheese, not too mature in strength. A great cheese that we recommend for kids that don't like their cheese too strong in flavour.

It is creamy in texture with sweet, nutty flavours. We take our cheeses quite young, aged for around 5 months meaning they are still quite mellow. It is semi-soft wax coated with holes which develop naturally  in the paste - called eyes. 

Multi Award-winning cheese made in East Sussex by Arthur Alsop and Nic Walker, both ex-chefs who run the small but modern dairy. 

Recipe Ideas:

This is a great melting cheese to bulk up any fondue recipe, to find out more about our Fondue cheese recommendations and to find our Fondue recipe, head to The G&J Journal here. Replace the Beaufort with Emmental or just add it as an additional cheese - you can never have too many!


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