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Monthly Cheese Box Subscription - Cheesemongers Selection

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Each month our Cheesemongers choose three cheeses for our monthly Cheese Box subscriptions that we send out. You can purchase the selection as a one-off purchase or choose a longer subscription in the drop down below. The longer the subscription you order the cheaper it is per month starting at £25 per month and going down to £22 per month with our longer subscriptions.

Our Cheese Box subscription is the gift that just keeps giving - specify the date below for when you would like it to start then on that date each month we shall send out until your subscription ends. 

If it is a gift please specify in the notes section the recipient and a message and we will send you through a gift voucher which you can then email to the recipient or print off.

Or if you just love cheese and like trying new things order one for yourself - we'll send you three cheeses each month complete with tasting notes (for as long as you sign up for) and you get to try something different.

Peter's Yard Sourdough Crispbreads included in the box along with approximately 600g of cheese.

October Cheese Box - this month chosen by cheesemongers Nick and Owen. 

If you order the subscription to be delivered in November it will be three different cheeses to the three listed below. The cheeses listed will only go out in boxes during the month of October.


Mrs Kirkham’s Smoked Lancashire - UnPasteurised, Cow's Milk, Traditional Rennet

There are many varieties of Lancashire to be found but there is none quite like that of Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire. Unlike other producers the Kirkham family are the last of the farmhouse producers of Lancashire cheese and third generation Graham Kirkham follows in his mother's stead in working with a herd of roughly 100 cows. Made over two days it takes two different days milk to make the curd and to produce the cheese which is then aged slowly for two to six months which produces a better longer lasting flavour. When young the cheese is gently smoked with apple wood.

Mrs Kirkham’s Lancashire cheese is the perfect cheese to used for cheese on toast, because of how the cheese bubbles rather than melts. And we shouldn’t really be telling you this as we are in Yorkshire and we do love our cherished Wensleydale cheeses but Lancashire is the perfect accompaniment for fruit cake due to its buttery texture.

Akin to that of butter it has a distinctive yoghurty flavour with a fluffy and light texture that melts in the mouth. Both the unpasteurised milk and muslin rind produces a rich and complex cheese that creates the desired ‘buttery crumble’ with a clean and lactic flavour with a brilliant grassy aroma.


Harbourne Blue – Pasteurised, Goat's Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

A dairy set up by Robin Congdon, one of the first pioneers in the 70s to revive traditional sheep milking in the UK. He started by producing Beenleigh Blue, a sheep’s milk blue made originally to a Roquefort recipe. They have now sold their herd and concentrate solely on cheesemaking under the watchful eye of Ben Harris. They now make three cheeses – a goat, sheep and cow blue.  They source the goat’s milk from a local farm only from January to July and make a small amount of Harbourne every week. This is a variable cheese that changes taste and texture depending on the season – young cheeses are light, delicate and crumbly and the more mature, older cheeses are stronger in goat flavour.


Delice de Bourgogne – Pasteurised, Cow’s Milk, Vegetarian Rennet

Well, what can we say about this cheese, other than you all LOVE it! This is an insanely soft, squidgy, mouth-wateringly creamy French soft from Burgundy. Creme Fraiche is twice added to the whole milk during the production process meaning it's not one for those counting calories. This is a decadent, smooth, dazzlingly white cheese - velvety, melt- in-the-mouth. It has a bloomy rind and mushroom aromas making it not too far characteristically from a good Brie.

The cheese was first created by Jean Lincet in 1975 and it is Fromagerie Lincet who still make it today. We usually buy in the 2kg cutting size cheese but for Christmas we are stocking these delightful 200g whole cheeses, perfect for the centre of any Christmas Day cheeseboard.

This is great slathered over crackers or we also recommend it as an alternative to using cream cheese with bagels and smoked salmon.


**PRODUCT SHELF LIFE - with the majority of our cheeses we cut and wrap them fresh to send out, hard cheeses last 7 to 10 days, softs last 5 to 7 days from date of dispatch. Please bear this in mind when choosing your date of delivery, you can choose up to 3 months in advance. We advise you arrange delivery for as close to your planned date of consumption as possible**

We do stock a small number of individually pre-wrapped cheeses which come in with longer best before dates and make a great option to go into hampers that will not be gifted for a while - please email for advise on which cheeses work best in this instance.