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Tomme Brûlée

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tomme brûlée basque ewe's milk cheese at george & joseph

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Tomme Brûlée is a really unique cheese from the Basque region of Southern France. It is a traditional Petit Basque cheese (incredibly small) which is then blowtorched. Yes you heard correctly!

Firstly the ewe's milk is cooked slowly so that the sugars caramelise, ewe's milk tends to be a little sweeter to start and this elevates it to another level.  It is then produced in the same way as the traditional basque cheese. The cheese is heavily pressed to create a firm, rich paste which is then left to age for at least three months. It is then blowtorched! 

Traditional farmhouse cheese with grassy notes, and a richness from the ewe's milk. The blowtorching brings a sweet smokey flavour with a little nuttiness too. Very distinctive with a dark burnt rind and a beautiful white paste. 

A good one for our Ossau Iraty fans, as we still cannot source this cheese. 

Wine recommendations of lighter, medium reds or whites such as a Viognier. We would recommend as plain a cracker as possible to let the flavours of the cheese shine. Delicious with ripe berries so a perfect cheese for the summer. 

Drink Recommendation:

rioja crianza


Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co water biscuits
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