stichelton blue cheese from welbeck estate


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Made by American Joe Schneider at the Collingthwaite Farm on the Welbeck Estate in Nottinghamshire. Stichelton fell foul of the Stilton Cheesemakers Association who refused their request to make an UnPasteurised Stilton. The name Stichelton comes from one of the earliest names of the village of Stilton.

Using very little starter and hand ladling the curds, similar care is taken in maturation stages. This extra maturing times does wonders for the flavour and texture of the cheese.  Rich, creamy and perfectly balanced, the flavours of blue are not overriding but, slightly peppery with a hint of caramel and a pinch of salt.

Made in Welbeck, Nottinghamshire

Cow's Milk, UnPasteurised, Traditional Rennet