st nectaire cheese from auvergne southern france

St Nectaire

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 st nectaire

cheese made with pasteurised milk

A washed rind semi-soft French cheese produced in Auvergne, Southern France.

Pinky yellowy rind speckled with a white, brown or dark grey velvety mould due to the high humidity of the maturing caves. A soft, golden bouncy paste which may grow tiny cracks when aged. Delicate earthy mushroom notes with a nutty, hay, farmy flavour.

A glass of Bordeaux, Shiraz, Côtes d'Auvergne or Beaujolais pair perfectly with St Nectaire. Or for white wines a Chablis. 

Recipe Idea:

Emmanuelle, our resident Francophile enjoys using St Nectaire on burgers, or in a Potato Gratin or Tomato Tart. 

Cracker Recommendation: 

fine cheese co crackers single serving selection

 Drink Recommendation:

bordeaux red wtih st nectaire cheese

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