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kirkhams truckle - lancashire cheese 1.1kg

Kirkhams Lancashire Truckle 1.1kg

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kirkham's lancashire cheese

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Kirkhams Truckle Whole - this individually wrapped cheese will come with a longer use by date, purchase this if you will be consuming your cheese after more than 7 days.

Ruth Kirkham (Mrs Kirkham) passed on her recipe to son Graham who is the current cheesemaker along with his sons at the family farm near Goosnargh, Lancashire.  They have been making cheese for over 40 years on their farm. Using milk from their own herd of 100 Holstein Friesian cows, the cheese is made to the 2 day curd recipe, using the curds from the evening milking and the following morning's milking to make an incredibly rich cheese. 

They ensure that all parts of the process are the best they can be - from building a new cheesemaking facility, to installing a state of the art milking parlour, to making sure the cow's accommodation is five star. They believe 

Happy cows = good quality milk = Good Cheese

The cheese is still fully handmade using very traditional methods and equipment - back breaking work for the cheesemakers. It is the only remaining Lancashire cheese still produced traditionally using only raw cow's milk. 

After production the cheeses are ‘buttered up’ and cloth bound, then aged for at least 3 months.   This slow maturing process lends itself to a pale yellow, crumbly cheese which is both rich and buttery, with a slight fresh yoghurt tanginess. The texture is lighter, less crumbly and melts in the mouth - it has a beautiful smoothness to it. 

We take their mature Tasty Lancashire which has great depth of flavour after being aged for minimum 12 weeks. This is the more traditional form of Lancashire cheeses than the Crumbly which was produced by more modern dairies as a way to speed up the ageing process and produces a drier, more tart cheese. 

This is a 1.1kg cheese, perfect for a larger Christmas table or for those who wish to age their Kirkhams for longer at home.  

Recipe Ideas:

You cannot beat Kirkhams Lancashire and Fruit Cake at Christmas time! Try our locally made Fruit Loaf and Fruit Cake this Christmas. 

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