hafod organic welsh cheddar

Hafod Organic Cheddar

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 hafod organic cheddar from wales

organic cheese production

A traditional clothbound farmhouse cheddar made in Wales by the Holden family.  Holden Farm Dairy runs a rural farm in West Wales called Bwlchwernen Fawr - 300 acres certified organic. Husband and wife Patrick and Becky spearhead the business, assisted for a number of years in the early 2000s by their son Sam. 

Patrick was at the forefront of the organic movement in the UK and also helped set up the Soil Association in the 1980s. Their farm was registered organic in 1973 making it the longest standing organic farm in the UK. 

They practice sustainable farming methods and in their own words "Our aim is to farm in harmony with nature, minimising the use of outside inputs". The farm has aspirations for self sufficiency, reduced external inputs and zero waste.

They have a herd of 80 Ayrshire cows which produce a rich, buttery milk, perfect for making cheese with. The milk produced is also a direct reflection of the pastures the cows graze on - lush herb rich grasses, hay and silage give the cheese its unique flavours. 

It has all the usual flavours of a mature cheddar with a tang. Alongside more alpine notes like nutty flavours and a floral herbaceousness from the terroir. 

Some blue veining does occur with this cheese, it is natural and edible. 


Recipe Idea:

We use this in a lot of the recipes from The G&J Journal where we need a cheddar with plenty of flavour to add to a dish such as our Bacon & Cauliflower Cheese recipe.

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 Drink Recommendation:

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