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Etivaz is a traditionally made Swiss mountain cheese - most similar to a Gruyere. It is made only in the summer months (the same way Vacherin is made only in the winter months) from May to October when the cows are grazing on the highest mountain pastures. 

It is made by a small number of producers, all still using the same methods as they did hundreds of years ago in the same mountains. They are hand made, the milk is warmed and the curd heated in copper cauldrons hanging over open log fires in small Alpine huts. When the cheeses are only a few days old they are taken down the mountain to be aged in caves in the village of Etivaz. 

Our Etivaz is made by Frederic and Irene Chabloz who are part of a cooperative of producers who age and sell the cheese once it is taken down the mountain. They only have 24 cows and make only TWO wheels of Etivaz every day! 

This is one of our best cheeses without a doubt. You can almost taste the Swiss terroir. The cheese is aged for at least 14 months giving it nutty caramel intense long lasting flavours you would expect from a Swiss Alpine cheese but this is next level good. 

Recipe Ideas:

This is a great melting cheese so is perfect for the traditional Swiss dish - Fondue - take a look at our recipe here - replace the Comte with Etivaz. 

Drink Recommendation:

cotes du rhone

Cracker Recommendation:

fine cheese co sea salt and EVOO Crackers


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