ashcombe cheese morbier style
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Ashcombe Organic

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ashcombe morbier style cheese

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Produced by relatively new cheesemaker David Jowett at Kingstone Dairy, he started in 2015 producing Rollright. Following years of training in the UK and the US including time at Neal's Yard Dairy and Stichelton. 

This is a traditional handmade cheese, using milk from a single herd from less than one mile up the road. A herd of British Friesian and Shorthorn who are milked twice a day, producing delicious organic milk. 

Ashcombe is a semi-hard cheese, inspired by Morbier, the French cheese from the Alps. The cheese has a striking line of wood ash running through the middle. It is a washed-rind cheese, meaning it is washed in a special brine solution, developing a beautiful orange coloured rind.

The rind is meaty and savoury, while the paste has aromas of warm milk and hay. It has rich hazelnut flavours. 


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