goashee goat and ewe milk cheese from cumbria
martin gott's goashee from holker farm cumbria


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goashee goat sheep milk hybrid cheese from martin gott on holker farm cumbria

 goat's milk cheese

A goat / sheep hybrid cheese made using milk from both animals, produced by Martin Gott and Nicola Robinson on the Holker Estate in Cumbria.

Martin started his cheesemaking career with apprenticeships from the age of 16. In 2006 he and Nicola then started their own business with their herd of Lacaune sheep, making Ewe's milk cheeses only. With St James being their most famous cheese. 

They use non-intensive farming methods with the sheep only being milked once a day - this makes for a happier sheep who then produces better quality richer milk. 

They have since branched out into Goat's milk cheese production. 

70 / 30 Goat to Sheep milk ratio. As the lambing season comes to an end the sheep start to dry but are still producing a small quantities of milk that can be used. However it's not enough by itself so Martin came up with a hybrid cheese supplementing the small amount of sheep's milk with larger quantities of goat. Genius!

A mild and crumbly cheese with a rich mouthfeel from the sheep's milk. 

Drink Recommendation:

rioja crianza


Cracker Recommendation:

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