fettle from shepherds purse ewe's milk salad cheese
shepherd's purse fettle
feta style sheep's milk cheese

Fettle 150g

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Due to the coronavirus crisis our sheep milk farmers may not survive. Early in the crisis Shepherd's Purse's sheep milk farmer told them they only had 2 out of 22 customers left including them. They had tankers full of amazing milk with nowhere for it to go.

In order to be able to take more milk, Shepherd's Purse rapidly developed this product, a new version of their famous Yorkshire Fettle.

It's the same delicious 100% northern sheep's milk feta-style cheese. It's incredible to cook with or to enjoy by itself. And by buying it, you are helping to keep a whole industry survive. 150g pack

Made in Thirsk, North Yorkshire by Shepherd's Purse

Sheep's Milk, Pasteurised, Vegetarian Rennet